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Heparin Sodium
Heparin Sodium is the sodium salt of sulfated glycosaminolglycans present as a mixture of heterogeneous molecules varying in molecular weights. It is present in mammalian tissues and is usually obtained from the intestinal mucosa. It is purified to retain a combination of activities against different fractions of the blood clotting sequence. The component activities of the mixture are in ratios corresponding to those shown by the USP heparin Sodium Reference or Heparin sodium BRP. Some of these components have the property of prolonging the clotting time of blood.

SPECIFICATION: Crude, Topical, Injectable Grade, STANDARD: BP/USP

Urokinase is an enzyme obtained from human urine, that activates plasminogen and can dissolve blood clots that form in the heart, blood vessels, or lungs after a heart attack, or some other disease process. Urokinase is called a thrombolytic agent and works best when it is given soon after the onset of heart attack symptoms. Urokinase can also dissolve blood clots that form in intravenous catheters (tubing that goes into a vein for the infusion of intravenous fluids or medicines).

SPECIFICATION: Crude or API Specific activity: > 120,000 IU/mg.p HMW: > 90%

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