Nanjing Qian Se Company Ltd. is a private-owned company with experience in business and production of biochemicals such as urokinase.HCG,HMG ,Aprotinin,UTI, Heparin Sodium, Chondroitin sulfate and so on,It is one of the main suppliers of biopharmaceutical products in China.

General Manager , Mr.Xie Jin Ping has worked in the research of biochemicals for more than 20 years ,As a licensed pharmacist and well-known expert in the Heparin and Urokinase production in China, he had cooperated with famous pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer Inc. ,Novatis, Aventis-Sanofi,KGCC in Korea to acquire the rich experience. He has been instrumental on developing many big workshops across China,to enhance the quality,productivity and traceability of the crude bio-products production.

Nanjing Qian Se Company Ltd. offers its customers biochemicals (bulk drugs) adhering to the existing high production standards including the necessary documentation according to the GMP and customer’s wishes.

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